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Highway hypnosis not train crash cause
Hypnosis is a heightened state of internal focus. Hypnotherapy is about helping people use that inward focus to discover their subconscious abilities to resolve issues that may be cognitive, emotional, somatic or behavioral, and which are simply beyond …
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Occult Bookstore Holds Hypnosis Workshop in Bushwick
BUSHWICK — By the time students finish his new hypnosis workshop, Stefano Black says they'll likely be able to conquer phobias, numb parts of their bodies, overcome sexual inhibitions and even relive drug trips without the substance. But when Black …
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Double Hypnosis
“Would hypnosis be useful as a means to breaking the hypnosis [trance]? (Adams answers:) “No. Because hypnosis simply contacts the subconscious. It reinforces your ego. You're already hypnotized. So you don't want to double your hypnosis. Because then …
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NY Train Wreck Could Be Case of Highway Hypnosis
It's sometimes called highway hypnosis or white-line fever, and it's familiar to anyone who has driven long distances along a monotonous route. Drivers are lulled into a semi-trance state and reach their destination with little or no memory of parts of …
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